Have A *Woofing* Good Time With Pooch’s First Nursery Workshop!


For every new pet parent there is a frightened & shy dog that only wishes to get to know you better. If only someone could translate their needs into human language, it would be great, right? Well, this one of a kind workshop taking place on 2nd April aims to bridge the gap between the pooches & the first time parents!

30 Second Window:

  • This Sunday morning two dog lovers, certified trainers & behaviourists – Pooravaja Kumar & Namratha Rao will be taking over the workshop to introduce to new parents basics of dog care.
  • Everything from how to groom, train & understand the various quips of their respective pooches will be discussed. The two ladies are highly passionate about dog care & would love to give that extra attention to your pooch!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you register yourself for the smartest workshop in town on pet care. You can either register using the link provided below or have yourself registered at the venue!

So, while Sunday comes..check out the Facebook event page for more details and methods of registration!

When: 2nd April

Where: Lodi Gardens

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