DLF CyberHub Is Back With Your Favorite Places in Town To Get Your Favorite Food

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Your favorite spot in town is back with everything best! You heard it right, DLF Cyberhub has opened its doors, that too with a bang and a lot of good food to have! The good part is that all the employees & staff are vaccinated, making the experience safe for all. So,  here’s a list of places that are now open for dine-in.

1. The Big Chill Café

With their big menu and loads of options, The Big Chill is open for dine-in! From pasta and shakes to cakes and ice creams, there’s everything for you to fall in love with and we are so happy already.

2. Burma Burma

This spot with a palatable spread of Asian & Burmese food, is a must-visit now that they are back again! The Khau Suey & Coconut pudding is a must-try. So, don’t miss out when you visit!

3. Foxtrot

Now that Foxtrot is back to hosting us, we cannot not think about the multiple cuisine options! When you’re here, you need to try the Warm Goat Cheese Salad, Molee & the amazing Caffe Frappe.

4. Punjab Grill

How can we not be missing out on the Punjabi Tadka? If you’re thinking of the same thing then Punjab Grill is waiting for you to dine in and enjoy the drool-worthy Dal Makhani, Kebabs and so much more!

5. Theos

The wonderful menu is at it again, to make us drool and trust us, we are not lying. Now that they are open, you should really visit and try the best things including the Mexican Platter & the scrummy Chocolate Souffle!

6. Nando’s

If you were eagerly waiting for them to start the dine-in again, then the wait is over! You can go back to gobbling your favourite food here. AND, do not miss out on the Butterfly Chicken or the Peri-Peri Drizzle!

7. Soi7

It’s also time to sip on some drinks while having a good spread! Soi7 is also open with their dine-in services and it is known for the amazing Pan Asian food and the brewery which serves amazing beer, which you’ve got to try!

8. Social

Our good old favourite place has always made us happy and the great thing is that it is back! Visit Social to try on the best Honey Chilli Fries and the classic Chicken Tikka, along with so much more.

9. Starbucks

If you’re in need of a cup of coffee, nothing can beat the go-to Starbucks! Good thing, that they are back, now you can get your coffee as you like it.

10. Imperfecto

To add to the happy news, Imperfecto is open for dine-in as well and that’s just ‘perfecto’! Now you can grab your cocktails and eat your heart out with the gang. Sounds fun, right?

Bottom Line

DLF Cyberhub has got your cravings sorted with all these places!

Where| DLF CyberHub, DLF Cybercity, DLF Phase 2, Gurugram, Haryana 122002


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