‘Dilwale’ Gauri & SRK Bring Dilliwale A Chance To Stay At Their Home For A Day

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Guess who’s welcoming you with open arms? It’s none other than, Gauri Khan and oh, the one who’s known for his signature open arms! They bring India the chance to stay in the Khan family’s genteel home. Their New Delhi home will now be available for a lovely stay! There’s more than just that, including a surprise with souvenirs and keepsakes from the family! Read on to find out more about it and the stay that Airbnb has to offer!

What To Expect?

Their lovely place is in the neighborhood of Panchsheel Park in South Delhi, which is a delight to the eyes and all the other senses. What else do we say about the lovely home? We know how Delhi can be chaotic at times, well, this well-located home has bold hues, an abundance of warm, natural light from many windows and an impressive art collection. So, not only do you get to live the dream but also the kind that feels like an escape! This has been launched on November 18 already so yeah, you should not be missing out on this!

What You’ll Love?

We cannot mention this enough that Gauri and Khan are the ones behind the campaign, with Airbnb called, “Home with Open Arms” because that is something, right? But, Gauri herself has designed and put the house together with her inimitable taste, including handpicked decor and memories that the couple has created over time! Adding on, there’s a surprise for y’all, where residents of India can apply for a chance to win the overnight stay which will take place on February 13, 2021. The winning duo will experience a curated itinerary developed by Gauri, with a lavish meal and a movie marathon of Shah Rukh Khan’s favorite films and his biggest box office hits!

Bottom Line

You might just be teary-eyed, the happy ones after this stay at Airbnb!

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