Dilli Haat In Itself Is A Beautiful World And Here Are The 5 Reasons You Should Be Visiting It If You Haven’t yet

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As the tittle says, if you’re at Dilli Haat, there are a lot of things that won’t make you feel like as if you should have been at some mall or other place then you would have been having a lot more fun than this place. Seriously, if you’re underestimating Dilli Haat then this blog is the one you should be reading altogether!


1. Vocal For Local

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One of the primary reason why you should be heading there is to support the local artisans and local products. You can find a variety of home made products such as soaps, stationaries, home décor items, which maybe a bit costlier, but hey, GO VOCAL FOR LOCAL!


2. A Perfect Date Place

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If you’re not getting a good place to go out with your bae, then surely Dilli Haat can come into play. From beautiful background to click some pictures to shopping and eating all along, this place has everything to make your day beautiful!


3. Shopping Spree

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Does your girl love shopping, or are you finding some cute home decors and cutleries or even some clothing which suits your desi feel, worry not, Dilli Haat has these all to offer, and that too not imported, but handmade!


4. Taste Of State

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Did we tell you that Dilli Haat is the sole only place where you can find the taste and authentic cuisine of every state of India? Yes, this place has stalls which depict the culture of every state, say Mizoram, or Uttar Pradesh and they don’t let you down by what they offer.


5. Altogether Desi Experience

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Dilli Haat is a kind of rural wind in the urban city. If you want to do something which is way more opposite of chilling into the bars and going to malls, and want to awake your inner sanctity for our local artisans and people, then this is your chance.


Bottom Line

You’ll surely gonna enjoy your day here, our words!


Where | INA, Janakpuri, Pitampura

Ticket Price | Rs. 20 to 30 (per person)

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