Have You Met The Oldest & Proudest Hair Braid(er) – Ramawati – @ Dilli Haat?

Dilli Haat

Delhi is the great cauldron of several cultures, traditions & backgrounds but the one thing that is common to all are their issue with women’s development! And this Women’s Day we at DforDelhi wish to feature one lady and show to ya’ll how she endeavours to put a smile on our faces at the expense of her happiness!

30 Second Window:

  • Women for centuries have been considered to be weak, at times frail & overly emotional. But what most people do not understand is that such weaknesses we so happily associate with them is the exact same reason why many world leaders consider women to be such great assets!
  • Take this for example – Jack Ma founder of Alibaba Group once famously said that 47% of Alibaba’s employee strength is women. Reason being – women think about others before they even get to themselves. That’s why they will always be an essential part of any company, economy or country’s growth.
  • Now getting to our lady of the day – Ramawati – the great and possibly the best known hair braid(er) in town!
Ramawati – The Lady Who Spins Memories By Braiding Hair

Dilli Haat

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To many visitors of Dilli Haat, the women sitting on the pavement waiting for ladies & guys alike to have their hair braided are just few strangers without names or even a sign of recognition in the veritable cesspool of cultures that is Delhi! Ramawati has been sitting outside Dilli Haat braiding the hair of many a lady & the occasional guy for the past 15 years now. She has been sitting in the same place since she arrived in Delhi and saw the very establishment of Dilli Haat – a child’s dream & a foodies first love!

To date Ramawati has helped over a dozen women learn how to be the master of their own lives & not depend on the male fraternity of the society! In fact, these ladies have formed a group of their own wherein they not just help each other out on a daily basis but also motivate each other when the day ends on a bad ‘hair day’ note. Today, close to 5-6 women have joined this community of women who have formed this group based on their love to braid hair & their endeavour to help other women develop their skills toward a better life!

So, in her pursuit to help other women, let’s give Ramawati a huge shout out & a round of applause for all great memories she has created & all the memories she will!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you show women how important they are to us by giving a happy smile & maybe a hug too, this Women’s Day!

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