DFDGuides: Want A Fruitful Haul At Banjara Market? Here’s What To Buy!

Know it All in 30 Seconds

Banjara Market in Gurgaon is a one stop shop for your home decor needs. From beautiful ceramics to the most aesthetic looking photo frames – it’s a wild jungle of furniture. What do you pinpoint in this dense forest? Here’s what!

1.  An Ocean of Mugs, Literally

Frankly, the best place ever for every mug fiend! You find cups as cheap as 10 Bucks.

2. Boho it Up

Walk into the market and on your left, you’ll find shops with Boho Mirrors, Shelves, All kind of Boho Decor you did not even know you could have!

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3. Vintage Decor, anyone?

In the same lane as the Boho Furnitures, one thing we love about Banjara Market, other than famous ceramics is the Vintage furniture. The bookshelves & Clocks especially catch your eyes. Most under 1000!

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4. The Antiquity Of Trunks

The antique trunks often found towards the end definitely give your room that much needed oomph.

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5. Carry a Bag Exclusive For Pretty Ceramics

Ceramics are a must-have but make sure you have a spacious bag at hand. Carrying the heavy ceramics in a plastic bag weighs you down a ton.

Banjara Market in gurgaon

6. Lamps To Light Up Your World

Look out for their antique, aesthetic, amazing collection of lamps, a lampstand is always a good addition!

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Tip: Carry Some Extra Notes & Reach Early

There is barely any shop accepting online modes of payments. Don’t let the lack of cash be the reason you couldn’t get that pretty plate. Reaching Early on the other hand will definitely make you shopping haul easy!

Bottom Line

In the end, Banjara Market is only as good as you can scram through it – find the hidden gems!

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