DFDGuides: 6 Hours in Connaught Place On a Budget!

Know it All in 30 Seconds

Connaught Place has something for everyone and it is the absolute truth. From the most fancy cafes to the cheapest – it really doesn’t matter how much cash you have in that little wallet when it you are in CP, the heart of Delhi, of all places.

1. Begin The Day at Indian Coffee House
Some lip smacking sandwiches and a cup of coffee at this legendary place transports you to an older time.
2. A Walk Around Amrit Book Co. 
From quintessential Urdu of Bashir Badr Sahab to the most fascinating philosophies of Camus – this place is a heaven for book lovers.
3. Or a Shopping Spree at Palika Bazar!
Not a fan of books? Walk to Palika Bazar and have a blast!
4. Some Delicious Lunch at Jain Chawal Wale
Lunch hours with a plate full of rice drenched in rajma, papad, onions – makes us salivate. Their Chole Bhature is just as good!
5. Cut The Extra Expenses With Cheaper Transport
Cut down on your travel expenses, take the bus or the metro & to travel through CP just walk the distance off or ride the Yulu!
5. Get Some Piping Hot Chai
Chai Wallas are many in CP. Take a break and get a cup for 10, sip through the evening!
6. Dinner @ Saravana Bhawan
South Indian Thali in under 200 bucks? Yes please!
saravana bhawan, connaught place

Bottom Line

Ready for a delicious (and fairly fun) day at the Quintessential Delhi Hang Out?
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