4 Reasons Why This Weekend Will Be The Best One Of Your Life

Fans flood arenas wearing their team’s jersey. They rush to events in search of autographs. But the athletes they’ll be flocking to see this weekend are not footballers! They’re gamers!

High on energy with an infectious ambience, Mountain Dew India’s Dew Arena is finally coming to Delhi for the Grand Finale. In the last few months, Dew Arena’s disruptive gaming truck has travelled across 270 locations, in 83 cities. To witness an event so big and challenging, will be a dream come true for both hard-core gamers and budding enthusiasts.

So, here are 4 reasons why you can’t miss the event of the season.

1. India’s BIGGEST gaming championship

Dew Arena is India’s biggest gaming and e-sports championship. In fact, over 5 lakh gamers from across the country have battled it out to reach the Grand Finale on 7th October!

Possibly the hottest event in town this year, the championship will feature ‘extremely passionate gamers’. And they’re sure to burn the midnight oil to finish that one ‘proverbial level’.

2. A unique, once-in-a-lifetime international level gaming experience

The grand finale will be the crowning moment to become India’s top gamer. So, if you too, in your childhood found yourself gripping your chair’s arm rest while people played CS:GO, then get ready!

Dew Arena 2018 Finals will have everything you expect from a gaming championship. High-level of anxiety and those tense moments between sweating and finishing the game with just enough chances left.

3. Real time offline and online multiplayer battles

Some of the top gaming teams of India will be battling out in the grand arena while playing games like Counter-Strike, Rocket League, DOTA 2 and Street Fighter. Besides, you should know that these guys are serious players – they’re lightning-fast, they’re darn good and they can make you gasp with each click of their mouse! By the way, you can watch all the action while also indulging in some scrummy meals from the stalls.

4. High-intensity stealth attacks and strategies: The fine line between a win and a loss

At the finale, you will also get to witness something you don’t see every day. The good people here at Mountain Dew will also have their Gaming Truck installed at the Finale, giving you a chance to play some epic games. And what’s more? There is also a super exciting cosplay competition AND a funky Doritos inspired photo booth!

Sold yet? P.S. You too can check out the live action and not miss a single moment by hitting here.

Where | Leisure Valley, Gurugram

When | 7th October

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