Gaming Truck, Transformers, India’s Largest E-Sports League: All That Happened At Dew Arena 2018 Finale

Dew Arena

Everything that you could’ve imagined witnessing at India’s largest gaming championship, came down to Delhi like the thunder! The grand finale of Dew Arena, India’s largest e-sports championship took place in Leisure Valley, Gurugram last Sunday.

In fact, the finale wasn’t just about becoming India’s top competitive team in games like DOTA, Street Fighter and CS:GO. Dew Arena was about creating a cultural phenomenon. And it executed everything so well!! 😉 From seeing people glued to the screens to the members of the general public enjoying console gaming, cosplay and GIF booths, the grand finale of Dew Arena 2018 was truly an experience of a lifetime! And we were so lucky to catch all the action live.

Missed it? Here are all the details!!

So, even as you entered the arena, it was quite evident that people were swarming the place in sheer excitement. On one hand was the huge screen where people could watch the teams battling. On the other hand was Dew Arena’s disruptive Gaming Truck – inside which you could see people play Street Fighter and Rocket League!!

However, just having this would be – let’s say, normal – but it sure WASN’T!! With their on point understanding of the youth, Mountain Dew had organized super cool setups for

  1. A GIF Booth where people could get clicked with cosplayers. 
  2. Dedicated spaces for VR Gaming

Heck, these guys even set up a booth where people could grab a cold one [Mountain Dew!]. In fact, it was free, so you know, people could chow down food from the food trucks parked outside while playing cool games!! 😉

Dew Arena 2018 took place over 6 months, during which it engaged with over 7 lakh gamers and even more inquisitive eyes! *yep, we’re still dazed by the number*

So, earlier we told y’all that Dew Arena was all about creating a cultural phenomenon. But it wasn’t just about creating that, it was also about giving the existing gamers a platform to showcase their love for gaming. In fact, the prize for the entire league was INR 20 lakhs. So, you can imagine the enormity of the entire league.

The winners across games were:

CS:GO | Winner – Entity Gaming, Runner Up – 2ezee

Street Fighter V | Winner – Ayan Biswas, Runner Up – Aditya Verma

Rocket League | Winner – Manmeet Singh, Runner Up – Harshul Patidar

DOTA2 | Winner – ROG Titans, Runner Up – LXG

By the way, you can also catch some of the highlights of the Finale on Instagram at #DewArena2018. And watch the full highlight on Hotstar here.

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