Delhi’s Wonder Woman Saves 20 Workers Trapped In A Factory Fire!

Wonder Woman

While the nation is battling the gruesome #Kathua and #Unnao rape cases and other injustices against women, one woman in Delhi rose to the occasion, and saved 20 workers trapped in a factory fire! Isn’t she a real-life Wonder Woman?

The presence of mind shown by 58-year-old Jyoti Verma saved the lives of 20 workers, who along with 30 others, were trapped inside a burning four-storey footwear factory in outer Delhi’s Sultanpuri on Monday morning.

Wonder Woman
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Verma used a small bamboo ladder as a makeshift overbridge between the factory and the terrace of the two-storey building where she lives. Her timely action helped evacuate at least 20 workers.

At around 6:30 am in the morning while preparing breakfast, Verma’s neighbour intimidated her about the fire in the factory next door. She first threw a saree towards the workers but they were afraid to climb down because of the hight!

Verma said there was a gap of at least 15 feet between the two buildings and she did not want the workers to risk their lives by jumping across. By then another neighbour Dharmendra arrived on the terrace.

All they could find was a bamboo ladder, so they put one end of the ladder on the roof and the other on the window of the factory.

Over the next half hour, about 20 workers evacuated the factory using the ladder!

Well, it is true as they say, there would be no life without a woman. While we are still struggling to get justice to those we’ve lost, we surely needed a Wonder Woman like Jyoti!

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