Delhi’s First Airfield, First Airport – Know The Story Behind Safdarjung Airport!

Where | Sri Aurobindo Marg

Delhi was still being built as a metropolitan city in the early 1920’s. With cobbled roads, long stretches of green cover & thickly populated – the city’s oldest and first airport is a treat for historians! In fact, while thousands of people see the airport on a daily basis, not many know the story behind it.

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So, what we today call Safdarjung Airport was once known as Willingdon Airfield saw several changes over 80 years. However, the name changed to Willingdon Airport and subsequently, Safdarjung Airport post-independence. In fact, it remained the only operational airport until operations shifted to Palam.

Delhi Flying Club started the first air mail service of the country here.

Moreover, during the Commonwealth Games 2010, it was turned into a temporary parking area. The almost 200-acre open area today is used in rare cases for VIP usage but remains as the green lung for the choked city.

Pretty cool, right?

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