Cheer Up Dilliwalo! Cause’ Electricity Bills Are Set To Drop Soon

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Good News Peeps! Delhi electricity bills to dip soon as the fixed charges have come down from Rs 125 per kilowatt per month to Rs 20 per kilowatt, for a sanctioned load of 2 kilowatt and for a sanctioned load of between 5 kilowatt and 15 kilowatt, the charge has been reduced from Rs 175 per kilowatt per month to Rs 100. Read On!

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As the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) has announced a cut in fixed charges, the power bills for a large section of Delhiites will narrow down starting next month. However, the tariff for the domestic consumers who use more than 1200 units per month has gone up. Initially they were paying Rs.7.75 per unit but now they will be paying Rs. 8 per unit, starting from Wednesday. No change for the consumers consuming less than 1200 units.

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The chairperson of DERC declared that the revised tariffs would fulfill the need of each and every consumer and is balanced overall. Cheerio!

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