Dilliwaalon, Mark Your Calenders For May ‘coz Its Time To Vote!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

To all ‘khoon-khaulta’ millennials, its time you use your ‘fundamental right’ of casting vote this May 12. Its a Sunday, hence you won’t be spared for any ‘bahanas’.

Its is the real power of our democracy. Time to throw out the most dictatorial and anti-federal govt in the history of India. Time to seek answers on demonetization, jobs, destruction of traders and destroying brotherhood amongst different communities. And how do you do it? With your valuable vote!

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Know your local candidate and decide if he/she’s worth the authority for your development. Also, encourage your friends/family to do the same.

Here is the list of polling stations in Delhi. Find where you cast your vote and make well-informed decisions. Be the responsible citizen and vote for the future of the country and not for posting pictures of inked fingers on facebook!

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