Delhi Tourism Has Now Built A New Concert Spot In The Southern Ridge

Imagine a more idyllic setting to spend a leisurely evening. Sitting in the middle of thick greens and listening to soothing Sufi music as you enjoy the view of historic monuments like Qutub Minar. No, we’re not talking about another high-end restaurant that will dig a hole in your pockets just because it is located in a prime area. We’re talking about a new concert spot in Delhi!

The all-new “Kalagram” a concert spot nestled in the rocky ridge near Saket is open to the public. Being developed by the Delhi Tourism & Transporation Development Corporation, this scenic 5/27 acre property is expected to address the need of a venue for holding open-air concerts in south Delhi!

Integrated with the garden of five senses, both properties have a common entrance. Delhi tourism recently got this piece of land from the government as this part of South Delhi needed open and lush space for open concerts and social events.

Do you know what that means? No more driving to Gurgaon for all the big events and concerts. Easier access and better ambiance, this new concert space are going to be a revolution.

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Over 250 workers were roped in to transform the uneven barren landscape. Huge boulders were excavated to ground level and the area has been utilized to the maximum. The concert spot was made in a way that gives organizers their own creative freedom to make the stage and sitting area plan according to their style and the theme.

From the main entrance, you walk through a 150m corridor in the park to reach the concert venue. AR Rahman, Sami Yusuf, the Nooran Sisters, and Satinder Sartaaj will participate in the inaugural event called ‘Sufi Route’

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