Delhi Police Launched An All Women Patrolling Squad On The Eve Of Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day you guys. Delhi has done something to make this Women’s Day and the days to come safer and better for us!

On the eve of International Women’s Day, the Delhi Police has launched an all-women patrolling squad to protect women from cat-callers and instill a sense of confidence among women. How great is that?

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The initiative has been conceived with twin objectives. Firstly to give security and comfort to women and girls on roads, public places, outside schools, metro stations, parks and colleges in south Delhi, and secondly, to motivate policewomen by placing them on a pro-active field of policing!

All in all, it is an effort to provide a safeguard for the women of South Delhi!

This women patrolling squad will be equipped with bikes with a four riding gear, a Gypsy with a woman police driver and an in charge to lead the patrolling team, wireless sets, protection team, and firearms.

The squad was launched in the form of a ‘road trip’ from Sarojni Nagar to Select Citywalk Mall in Saket.

It was then joined by many policewomen, female students of the Delhi University and famous rider Roshni Misbah, popularly known as ‘hijabi-biker’.

The policewomen and officers have been given special training in maintaining and riding the vehicles, weapon handling, firing and unarmed combat. It will put a check on the anti-social elements and create a more women-friendly police.
Let’s see how this initiative works out for the women of the city to make Delhi a safer place.
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