Delhi Police Has 3.5 Cr To Offer To Citizens Who Help Catch The City’s Most Wanted!

Delhi Police

Guess what guys?! Delhi Police has Rs 3.6 crore on offer for those who help catch the city’s most-wanted criminals or aid in tracing the thousands of missing and abducted people!

The figure is cumulative of bounties and rewards offered till last year, with the lion’s share of Rs 2.58 crore earmarked for those who help find the 1,291 missing or kidnapped individuals.

Delhi Police
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Bounties for wanted criminals amount to a total of Rs 56 lakh and credible clues that can identify dead bodies carry rewards of Rs 45 lakh in all.

These are cases where the police have done their part of the investigation and have no option but to seek help from the people.

Through last year, Delhi’s policemen arrested 110 criminals carrying a total of nearly Rs 50 lakh on their heads. Twenty-two of them had a bounty of Rs 1 lakh and above.

In addition to rewards, each police unit also has a “secret fund” from which they pay sources to keep information flowing

The police also often reward people for acts of bravery and courage during a crime. The amount varies from Rs 1,000 to Rs 25,000. The money and the recognition serve as encouragement for their show of bravery.

So, Delhi here is your chance to be the eyes and ears of Delhi Police, and do your bit in keeping the city crime free!

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