Delhi Photography Club Is Hosting A Crash Course For All Budding Photographers!

Delhi Photography Club is hosting the best workshop of the year & they are calling all budding photographers! Get a chance to learn how to click the best pictures using your DSLR! The workshop is named ‘2.5 Months Foundation Course’ & will be held over 3 hours this weekend!

30 Second Window:

  • Delhi Photography Club is hosting special workshops for all photography lovers who wish to learn the basics of clicking great pictures!
  • The workshop will take place this weekend in Shahpurjat. The quaint, yet ever so engaging village lives through the visiting people.
  • To keep things simple & plain, the workshop will only be held during weekends. So, you know you can chill out & learn all the basics of photography!
  • Workshop will be held indoor & outdoors for both theoretical & practical knowledge. Students will be divided into small groups, thereby ensuring that every one gets a fair chance with the counsellors!

Delhi Photography Club

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  • The students will be provided with 15 different modules explaining the various stages & things to learn about photography!

So, head on to Shahpurjat Jat & check out their website to register!

And keep yourself updated with the Facebook event page!

Location | Delhi Photography Club, Building No. 5-D, Second Floor, Shahpur Jat Village

When | 9th September

From | 04:00 pm – 07:00 pm

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