Travelling Between Delhi & Noida In Lockdown 4.0? A Few Things You Should Know

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As authorities allow movement across Delhi-Noida border, here are a few points you should keep in mind if you’re travelling. Read on to know everything.

Noida borders with Delhi to remain sealed as of now: DM - noida ...

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All vehicles crossing the border are being thoroughly checked. One must also possess e-pass issued by their respective DM’s office. If someone does not have a pass and is carrying some important items like medicine, they are also being allowed. ¬†Two people would be allowed on a two-wheeler only in case one of them is a female. In four-wheelers, two people besides the driver will be allowed. Up to two children will be allowed to travel in a car additionally. On a three-wheeler, two people besides a driver will be allowed, provided their faces are covered with masks.

Delhi Noida border sealed, total chaos at various entry points ...

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The Noida-Delhi border will remain sealed except for the movement of people associated with exempted services. This order will once again restrict vehicular movement between the borders for people residing in NCR till 31st May.

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