Delhi-Mumbai Super Expressway Will Cut The Travel Time By Half

Not far from the upcoming weekend, if you’re planning on road-tripping from Delhi to Mumbai, guess what? Soon you’ll be able to cover the entire distance in just 12 hours! That’s half the time you’d previously taken and it gets better from here!

The new super expressway is part of a plan to build a 34,800 km long expressway through the entire nation. Moreover, the 1,400 km long trip that would usually take 24 hours to cover, will get halved! Isn’t that pleasantly surprising?

So, the entire project has already been started and the estimated completion time is about 15 months!! Which means, that in the next 15 months you’ll be able to glide down the super expressway at 120 km/h and not realise how time flew.

Ps. the Rajdhani Express takes 16 hours to reach Mumbai! Getting our vibe?

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