Delhi Metro Card Is Changing Colours To Red, Yellow And Orange

Delhi Metro Card

So, here’s the thing guys, the Delhi Metro card/Common Mobility card is changing shades! From being completely blue and having a dull picture :p of the Delhi Metro, it will – in December – shift to being Red, Yellow and Orange.

In fact, while the basic features of the card will remain the same, it’ll have once distinct change. The text, ofc –

‘One Delhi. One Ride’

According to the data compiled by the DMRC, of the 25 lakh daily riders, 70% use the Delhi Metro Card. Frankly, after being a Metro rider for a decade, we betcha the DMRC finally heard our call for a more joyous look on the card!

And voila, IT IS! The new design will have have a cubic grid in bright colours of red and yellow. In fact, it’ll also have a circular unit with sketches of Metro trains, DTC buses, cars and monuments in it! On the other hand, the back end of the card will have the logos of the Delhi Government, DMRC and DTC.

Officials suggest that the new Delhi Metro Card will be available for grabs by mid-December!

You can read more on this here.

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Cover Image Courtesy | Hindustan Times

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