Delhi Man Loses Wallet In Metro, Gets Everything Back Via India Post After 11 Days

So, this is a story from a month back but it’s really touching and we couldn’t help but share it with you!

In March, a man travelling in the Delhi Metro lost his wallet. Usually, people who lose their belongings in the metro can either get it back from Delhi Metro’s auction or well, never get it back. Really?

Well, this man who lost his wallet in hustle and bustle of the metro did get it back. And, surprisingly, via India Post!!

Gurpreet Singh found his wallet in an India Post 11 days after he lost it. Siddharth Mehta – another commuter – found Gurpreet’s wallet and had it posted back to its owner 11 days after having lost it.

Moreover, Gurpreet did not just get this wallet back. He found that all his belongings had been returned with the letter identifying each and everything found in the wallet.

Isn’t that really sweet? You can read more about this here.

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