Here Are A List Of Things That Will Not Be Allowed In Lockdown 3.0

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As the city remains confined to their homes for another 2 weeks, some of the services have been given permission to resume to bring normality to the city. Here is a list of things that will not be allowed in the city during lockdown 3.0.

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  1.  Delhi Metro and buses will not be functional
  2. Ola, Uber and auto-rickshaw, cycle-rickshaw will remain suspended
  3. Movement of individuals and vehicles (except for those having a special permit)
  4.  Only delivery essential items by e-commerce portals
  5. Movement of individuals (for all non-essential activities) will remain prohibited between 7 PM to 7 PM
  6. Cinema halls, malls, salons, market complexes will remain shut
  7. Weddings will be allowed with 50 people, funeral with 20 people
  8. Religious places will remain closed
  9. Only the standalone liquor shops are allowed to open

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The times of normalcy will prevail soon. Stay indoors to let this pass sooner.

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