Delhi! It is Time To Glam Your Meal Up With Gastronomica’s Gold Plated Chicken Tikka!

Know it All in 30 Seconds

GK’s Gastronomica literally put some sparkle into innovation when they decided to make an already Delhi favourite dish, even better with packets of crazy and bursts of fancy. Chicken Tikka plated with Real 24 Karat Gold; Yes, you heard that right!

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What To Expect?

Gastronomica has been bringing Delhi it’s A-Game time and again. From the spectacular ambience to the fun innovations. Gold Plated Chicken Tikka is a different game though, it goes beyond all the innovations before, really! Marinated with a secret ayurvedic herbs & spices that adds up to the flavour and an expensive coating of real gold adding up significantly to the health factor!

What You’ll Love?

It is worth every penny for this ain’t just any chicken tikka with a useless layer of golden on it, we tell you. Gastronomica’s Chicken Tikka is one of those wonders that have no flaws. How? The spices in it bring the immaculate taste and the gold boosts your immunity (Not kidding) That Gold sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Trust us, it is even better in reality. Delhi loves Chicken, Any thing Tikka is a boon and crazy is definitely Delhi’s USP, Gastronomica really hits the Bullseye this time.

Bottom Line

Devouring Gold for lunch really is a world class dream, ain’t it?

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