Delhi Is World’s Most Polluted City As Per Reports From WHO

Delhi Is World's Most Polluted City

Delhi, the Indian capital has once again been found to be the most polluted city in the world. In fact, Mumbai comes fourth on that list curated by WHO recently. The organisation compiled the air quality data for megacities with a population of 14 million or more.

The analysis shows that 90% of the world’s population is exposed to bad air quality. Moreover, approximately 7 million people died in 2016 due to this issue. And you’d shocked to hear that even some of the small towns in India suffer from bad air quality. Which, by the way, is comparable to the levels in Delhi.

However, India is to switch to Bharat Stage VI vehicle emission norms in April 2020, skipping an intermediate stage. Which should help in curbing the bad air quality throughout the city.

So, as the government rolls out more plans to help lower the levels of bad air quality in the city, don’t you think you too should join hands?

You can read more about this here.

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