Delhi Is Stepping Into The League Of Nightlife With This New Club!

If you feel like Delhi’s nightlife is either getting too familiar or getting too monotonous, then here’s something refreshing! This new club launching soon is a breath of fresh air. The perfect party hub for the Nightcrawlers, Soho shall be the newest gem to the crown of nightclubs.

With a perfect ambiance and setting, the place is deemed to be one of the best party places in town. With a majestic ambiance to add the charm and value, Soho is the place you got to be, while you are club-hopping, the next time.

What To Expect At Soho?

Get ready to witness a bold and luxurious nightclub at The Ashok which not only has a grandeur setting but also has the best in town, state of the art sound system. It gives you a night that you wish would never end and a morning that inevitably arrives! Soho hooks you to the needs.

As for the Gastronomy of the place, bringing to the world, a platter full of infinite possibilities in the form of flavors from the worldly kitchen. Delicious and Insta worthy food that will make your experiences worth of envy among your circle

What You’ll Love About Soho?

Good things come in small packages! And so will this nightlife experience! The Soho club is only open on Fridays & Saturdays! Who doesn’t like being hooked to a few good things and many great things? It is showtime and the perfect one to get #Sohooked.

Bottom Line

Get an exclusive look into the new league of nightlife at this club by adding yourself on the guest list or visit it on the first day of the launch and make it a party that becomes your best ever!

Where | The Ashoka

Location  | Click Here

Contact | 0114858585

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