Delhi Gets Its First Ever AC Bus Stand So We Can Finally Kiss Summer Goodbye!

Delhi gets its first ever AC bus stand so we can finally kiss summer goodbye

The first of its kind – Delhi gets its first ever AC bus stand so we can finally kiss summer goodbye!

The installation of the AC is part of a marketing scheme! Which begs the question, if more of such ACs get installed throughout Delhi, can we finally ask summers to get out?!

30 Second Window:

  • According to PTI, the AC was installed in the bus stand by an AC manufacturer as part of its marketing strategy.
  • In fact, these days when the temperature is rising over 40°C, this marketing scheme seems like a blessing to Delhites!
  • Like in the previous attempts to purify air in the bus stand, this time too plastic curtains surround the stand. All this while the AC cools it down!
  • According to sources in the Government, the AC was installed by a Japanese company in association with an advertising agency. The agency, of course, having rights to advertise in Delhi bus stands,
  • No official statement has been put out as to how long this campaign will last. However, we hope that the Delhi Government takes such moves individually this summer season! What do you think? Next time when you this bus stand & its hot as hell outside, check in!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That if you spot this little bus stand anywhere near Lajpat Nagar & you’re travelling in an auto – take a seat at bus stand!

And pray that the Delhi Government does something similar to this!

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