Delhi Bride Fought A Shop For 8 Yrs, Cuz Her Lehenga Was 2 Inches Short!

All you girls will agree with this! We have all dreamt of our wedding day since childhood. How the whole ceremony would be, the outfit, jewellery and so much more. And just imagine due to some reason your D-day got ruined. How would you react to such a situation? Well, a Delhi girl fought with a shop for 8 long years since her wedding lehenga was 2 inches short.

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She got married in 2008. She was promised alterations and rectifications by the people at the store. When she tried it, her lehenga was not uniformly round. When she went to the studio for alteration, they refused to do so due to insufficient staff and workload. And when they altered it they added a visible patch which made it even worse.

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The Delhi State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission instructed the studio to give INR 50,000 as compensation to the girl and pay for her lehenga which was worth INR 64,000! Not just this, the studio will also have to pay INR 5,00,00 to consumer welfare fund of the state as punitive damages for those customers who possibly went through the same issue.

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But justice was well served. The court also expressed its disappointment on seeing the duration of time spent on petty litigation.


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