Declutter & Celebrate ‘Fashion Week’, Every Week With Postfold


Guided by the spirit of multitasking

PostFold aims to blur the line between AM to PM Dressing

A new venture into affordable clothing line, PostFold, incorporates the style and quirky nature of the next generation of fashionistas. The company aims to capture the essence of each season in its line of clothes that allow a smooth transition from desk to dinner. So, presenting –

Declutter & Celebration

their new collection of top notch clothes mixed with vibrant colors celebrating the current season.

The first story of the season begins with ‘Declutter’, that focuses the spotlight on wardrobe staples that ooze simplicity & clarity. With sharp lines and clean silhouettes, ‘Declutter’ epitomizes understated elegance that parallels flawlessly with modern chic-ness.

‘Celebration’ is a story of festive looks with just the right amount of pep for the season. Subdued colours act as the perfect foundation for celebratory patterns and perfectly amalgamated stylish patchworks with detailed embellishments and easy silhouettes.


So, browse through the PostFold website to celebrate life, individuality & style; with comfortable chic dressing that is as formal as it is casual. 

To find out more, check out their – Facebook, Instagram & their PostFold website.




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