Trekking to Basketball. This Sports Carnival Has It All!


As kids, all of us loved playing sports and would always be up for a game at any given time! Wondering where that kid went? Well, if you think you have been getting busy with life and that kid is being neglected, this is your chance to bring you, inner child, out!
Decathlon Sports is hosting a sports carnival at their outlet in Dwarka and here’s everything you need to know about it.

What To Expect At The Event? 

There will be more than 12 Sports events, Fitness sessions & Sports advice from the very experts in the field. The sporting event list will be
1. Crazy Circuit- Cross Training
2. Zumbathon- Zumba
3. Enlighten your Iner self- Yoga
4. Roller Champ- Skating challenge
5. One shot at a time- Archery
6. Hit that Smash- Tennis Drill
7. Pick that serve- Badminton
8. Let’s Spin- Table Tennis
9. Let’s go Putting- Golf
10. Crazy Jumping- Skipping ropes
11. Soccer Drill- Football
12. Hoop that Loop- Basketball
13. Wilderness survival Workshop- Trekking workshop
14. Turnball

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What You’ll Love About The Event? 

If you attend the event and participate in the sports, your efforts will be directly converted to rupee value. Its called’Burn To Redeem’! Sounds Exciting, isn’t it! Find out more about how you can play sports and score discounts on equipment at Decathlon on their facebook page!

Bottom Line 

If it’s been a while since you took the day to yourself to do some physical activity, this is your calling!

When | November 24th and 25th

Where |  Decathlon Sports Center Dwarka

Google Maps | Click Here

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