Days Before Driverless Metro Launches, The Train Crashes Into A Wall!

Where | New Delhi

Only a few days are left for DMRC’s driverless trains to flag off on the Magenta Line! And imagine what happened with one of its trains during a test run? IT LITERALLY WENT THROUGH A WALL!

Photo Courtesy | DNA India

While nobody was hurt in the crash, which apparently took place because the train’s brakes were disengaged. DMRC evidently blamed it on ‘human error & negligence’ while also ordering a high-level inquiry.

Two coaches were badly damaged after the train, which was empty, went through a wall at the Kalindi Kunj depot and barely missed crashing to the ground.

Officials at the DMRC workshop said that the brakes of a train are usually disengaged so its systems can be checked thoroughly.

Which, begs the question, would you travel on a driverless train?

Read more about this here.

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