This Dastaan Live Art-Rock Music Experience Is Going To Amaze You.


In a city like Delhi, there are very ordinary people who have lived extraordinary lives. Dastaan live is an audio-visual journey that explores the city that we call home. Through the words of great poets who have left their marks on us, the band has fused them into the images we all see around us. This musical art-rock experience is something that will leave you enchanted.

What To Expect At The Event?

Dastaan Live is a genre-defying performance that has acquired a cult following among Delhi’s young with just nine shows since March last year. Is it theatre? Is it a rock concert? Is it protest music? A multimedia spectacle? It is all and none of these, as it fuses classic and contemporary Hindi/ Urdu poetry about life in our times, our cities, and the struggle of the ordinary man. And they are coming back with yet another show for all those of you who have missed the marvel.

What You’ll Love About The Event?

Daastan Live is a show that is immersive, creating spaces for dialogue and interpretations and compelling people, above all, to think. With music composed by Anirban Ghosh and Sumant Balakrishnan at its foundation, Dastaan is driven by powerful verses of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Sahir Ludhianvi, Majaaz, Nazeer Akbarabadi, and Baba Nagarjuna (to name a few). How often do you get to indulge in an experience like that!

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you cannot afford to miss this event if you are a fan of poetry, rock music and art in general. We bet you will be moved by the whole ensemble. Wait no more and grab your tickets before the show is housefull.

When | 20th January 2019; 7:00 PM onwards

Where | Bedlam

Location | Click Here

Tickets | Click Here

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