Darjeeling Steamers in Shahpur Jat is The Quintessential Momo Palace & Here are 5 Reasons Why!

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If you are in Delhi and haven’t been to Darjeeling Steamers – you are definitely missing out. This place in Shahpur Jat has established itself to be the one place you go to when you are tired of the same old street Momos at the corner of your street. Honestly, if you have been there once you probably know the street one is up to no good.

1. The Array Of Customisation Options

From your choice of wrapper to what meat you would rather have – they literally leave it up to you. Jhol, Fried, Streamed, Potstickers with Shrimp, Beetroot, Chicken – EVERYTHING. What better than experimenting with your own food?

Darjeeling Steamers at Shahpur Jat

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2. Darjeeling Steamers, Literally

Unlike a lot of places around Delhi that name themselves just for the heck of it, these people actually bring the taste of Darjeeling to the bustling streets of Delhi.

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3. Choice Of Teas

Never thought we’ll be including teas as one of the reasons why to visit a place but it really is THAT good. They have huge menu to choose from as well!

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4. An Ambience That is Good For Any Mood

The quaint restaurant transports you into the calm of Darjeeling, it is nothing much fancy – very simple, in fact however, it is the simplicity that makes it so peaceful.

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5. Beyond Just Momos

If perhaps, your mood doesn’t really scream Momo for a day, head here and try their Sadeko or their Thakali Thali. Each as good as the other, you’ll leave the table licking your fingers away!

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Bottom Line

The place is worth a try, won’t you agree?

Where | Shahpur Jat

Cost For Two | INR 500

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