Dandy Is Rolling Out A Party Night Where You Can Turn Up In Your Pyjamas. Say Whaat?

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Hello party pals! Keep aside your worries about ‘what to wear’ in your next posh party ‘coz the most happening bar in Nehru Place is coming up with a cray pyjama party to let y’all kick out your blues with comfy.

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What To Expect?

Dandy, Nehru Place is hosting a home-scene style party to let you peeps chill out without taking the woes of carrying your skinny dress properly or struggling to dance with those sharp pencil heels on. This is that one kind of party where you can be yourself and rule the night in your cool and fave pyjamas.

What You’ll Love?

The peppy line-up of curated drinks, of course. And speaking about the ambience, Dandy has got one of the best in town.

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Bottom Line

So wrap up your work early this Friday, slip into your lux nightwear and set the party mood on!

Where | Dandy -The Fio Bar, Epicuria Mall, R-1A Bar, Metro Station Building, Nehru Place, Delhi 110019

When | 6th March 2020, 9 P.M. To 2 A.M.

Location | Here

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