Zaeden Recently Visited CVS! And Here’s Everything That Went Down At The Party!


College of Vocational Studies (CVS) hosted dance music megastar, Zaeden at their annual fest, Tatva! Of course, other stars also got the crowd stepping into their dancing boots but Zaeden really took the cake at the event. Well, needless to say superstars like Manish Paul got the the fans enchanted.

30 Second Window:

  • So, the thing is – if you missed the party at CVS, you missed a lot of sweet memories & dance moves you never knew you could have!
  • Therefore, without further ado, below is the short photo story to show you what all went down at one of the biggest parties in town

Manish Paul lit the lamp to inaugurate the event with some really cool style statements & sentiments.


And he got the crowd started with some big cheers, love & dance moves!


Milind Gaba also performed in front of the enchanted crowd of students, best friends, couples & oldies too!


And lastly, the heavy bass demigod of dance music, Zaeden!


And the crowd got so excited that some people even climbed the roofs to watch Zaeden perform!!


So, don’t worry if you missed the fest this season, just wait out till nest year to catch more!

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  • That you check out their Facebook page instead in the meanwhile to know more!

Don’t miss out on this party next year!!

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