This Parisian Cafe Is The Perfect Morning Excuse To Skip Work

Cultured Handcrafted Brews And Eatery in Safdarjung

Think Paris, think of the wide boulevards & the smell of croissants. Cultured Handcrafted Brews And Eatery in Safdarjung reminded us of the open air terraces in Paris, the golden cups of coffee and the quaint atmosphere. And let’s not forget, even for a moment, the food!

What to expect atĀ Cultured Handcrafted Brews And Eatery in Safdarjung

Beautifully sculpted to reimagine a Parisian cafe, Cultured is the perfect excuse to skip work! In fact, while the place is mostly a brekky hotspot for gluttons like us, you can sit here on a lazy afternoon, sip on coffee and put your phone on silent. šŸ˜‰

In tandem with the ambience of the place, the food here encompasses a glutton’s true desires. Their menu has breakfast options, soups, sandwiches, a variety of eggs and salads. Of course, they also have a smoothie and drinks menu to help chow down all that grease!!

Besides, you should definitely try Farmers Breakfast, Pulled Pork Fries, Rhapsody Wraps and Eggs Benedict.

What we love aboutĀ Cultured Handcrafted Brews And Eatery in Safdarjung

Besides everything we just blabbered? šŸ˜› Well, here’s a little about their ambience that rung a bell in our head!

The interiors of the place has been tastefully created. It has these bright lights that just make everything look chic and absolutely dreamy. However, while this is the case during the evenings, in the morning the place shines bright thanks to the sunshine pouring in!

Photo Courtesy | Esha Mehta

In fact, like most other Parisian cafes, Cultured too lists down its specials on a blackboard! Moreover, it also has live music that just lights up the place in a fun, peppy way that never seems to disappoint.

Bottom Line

If you love new places and can’t resist a cup of coffee, then this is the place to be! šŸ˜‰

Where |Ā House 168, 2nd Floor, Humyupur, NCC Gate,Ā Safdarjung

Google Maps | Click Here

Price For Two | INR 700

Facebook Page |Ā

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