Crunchy Samosas For Your Spicy Cravings

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What better than hot samosas to accompany your ‘adrak vali chai’ in the winters? Here’s what we have for you, the best of places for samosas that you won’t forget for a long time. Visit them now and you’ll know what we are trying to say!

1. Manohar Dhaba

They are known for their special Japanese samosa. The delicacy layered 60 times over for a crispy outer shell coddling a gooey potato filling! The best part is the add on Kala channa and some pickle!

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2. Rewari Sweets

This place has samosas with flavors that you’ll remember for a long time! You wouldn’t have to wait for long as they know just the way to please a large number of people with their delicacies, all at once.

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3. Jalebi Wala

The samosas here are just what you need before their chashni dipped Jalebis. Visit this place for one of the best samosas in town, you will thank us later!

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4. Duggal Snacks

They’re the neighborhood samosa wala but in only one neighborhood. Duggal Snacks have the most delicious way of making this aaloo filled samosa with chutneys that are out of the world!

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5. C.R. Park Market

Bengali samosas are a class apart! The secret is that they mix some ghobi in the aloo. No other place in the city can replicate the original flavour! Visit this market to have more than a fun day.

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6. Munni Lal Halwai

Their samosas in particular are a big hit because of their unique style. For decades they have been serving samosa topped with spicy chhole and chutney. Visit them right now!

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Bottom Line

Get yourself a bowl full of chutney because you won’t get enough of these samosas!

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