India’s First Creative Forest Festival Is Calling Out To You! Don’t Miss It


This is for the ones that refuse to settle, the ones that are curious and driven by purpose, the ones that are not afraid to take leaps of faith and making things happen. The ones that want to dive deeper and indulge in trajectory changing conversations. A 4-day experience to grow your creativity, amplify your voice, discover your magic and belong to a creative tribe. This is India’s First Creative Forest Festival, for anyone who is or want to lead a creative life.

What To Expect?

Founders, Professionals, Rusty Creators, Corporate Misfits and explorers from Art, Music, Design, Fashion, Film, Food, Photography, Tech and genres that are yet to be defined. Everyone will be present to take part in a creative festival full of flowing ideas and experiences. If that sounds indulging to you, we say you take the leap of faith.

What You’ll Love?

The best part about this 4-day experience is that you will need to RSVP and they will pick 150 lucky entrees. Apart from that you get to experience dynamic, hands-on workshops that allow artists and creators to engage with new materials and devices. This space is all about getting in on the action, creating something from nothing and try your hand at something you have never experienced before.

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Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you’ve got to take the chance and RSVP to the event! Go on, click on that link!

When | February 21 – 24

Where | Tarangi Resort, Ramnagar, Dhikuli, Uttarakhand

Location | Click Here

RSVP | Click Here 

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