Create Your Signature Coffee Cocktail At This Workshop.

Coffee is more than just a morning beverage. It’s an emotion that we feel too strongly. But if you’ve been sipping on the beverage only in a couple of ways like black, cappuccino or iced, then this is the workshop for you to explore more brews and learn about pairings with booze from a certified taster. Read on!

What To Expect At This Coffee Workshop?

Aloft Aerocity & Bababeans in collaboration, bring to you a DIY exhilarating sensory experience through a workshop. Experience the nuances of Indian Coffees in the deconstruction of a drink. There are three parts to this workshop that you will love exploring and learning. In the first part, you will be tasting 3 different types of coffee each with a unique flavor profile, and in the second part, you will learn about pairing it with different ingredients and alcohol.

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What You’ll Love At This Coffee Workshop?

Aloft will extend to you their taste library to help you create your own signature cocktails. With a little help from the key curators, you will be able to create your own style of drink that is special and not found anywhere else! Imagine having a cocktail for yourself. Hosting a party and mixing a drink for your guests that they have not had anywhere else is a high we promise you won’t get anywhere else.

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When | Feb 2nd, 6 PM

Where | Aloft New Delhi Aerocity

Location | Click Here 

Tickets | Click Here

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