Crazy For Scrunchies? These 10 Instagram Stores are Definitely Worth The Buzz!

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Scrunchies have become quite a trend in the recent years. Honestly, it is one fun trend. Hanging out with pretty scrunchie on your hand weirdly makes you feel comfortable – or is it just us? During the pandemic though, what also became a trend (a much needed one), was beginning local businesses on Instagram! The talent that burst out is insane. Who needs to look out for good quality, beautiful scrunchies offline during a full-blown pandemic when the best of the lot is a few taps away?

1. Happily Handmade (@happilyy._handmade)

When something is handmade, you know it is made with love.

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2. Seychelles Store (@sey.chellesstore)

Their quality is incomparable!

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3. Skosh (

Cute, quirky and everything in between

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4. The Pui Store by Purva (@thepuistore)

As cute as the store’s name.

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5. Fluffy Hair Ties (@fluffy_hair_ties)

It is simply beautiful and quite unique!

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6. Pretty Pieces By Asma (@prettypiecesbyasma)

For every occasion, Asma’s one of kind scrunchies are perfect!

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7. Lavender Chic Store (@lavenderofficial._)

Their patterns are as aesthetic as it can get!

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8. The KK Store (

KK Store is one of the well established local brands out there and there’s no doubt why!

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9. Chic Accessories India (@chic_accessories_india)

Much like the name suggests, everything is chic, pretty, adorable.

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10. vscoxprachi (@vscoxprachi)

This one’s aesthetically pleasing to the T; from the products to the page itself.

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Bottom Line

Beautiful, aren’t they? Go get yours!

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