Beware Of The Frauds Taking Place In Town In The Name Of COVID-19

Coronavirus related frauds DforDelhi

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The sudden outbreak of coronavirus has induced a deep sense of panic and anxiety amongst masses all over the world. Now every little information related to the pandemic is instantly catching our eye, irrespective of it source. But beware! Clicking on COVID-19 related links from unauthorized sources might leak out your confidential data to the hands of wrongdoers.

Coronavirus related frauds DforDelhi

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After the governments in various states have ordered the closure of schools, colleges and workplaces, an e-mail from the hackers related to the same has gone viral. If you have clicked on the link inside any such e-mail, it’s high time that you get all your passwords changed.

Also, another e-mail claiming to offer free kits from WHO for COVID-19 prevention has been targeting phones and computers with a link that contains an encrypted malware. Take note, the topmost health organizations like WHO and AYUSH publish all the medical info. on their websites. If you need to know about the prevention of COVID-19, do visit their websites directly but DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK sent to you over mail.

Coronavirus related frauds DforDelhi

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Another crime is happening offline, in which some folks are turning up at your doorstep claiming that they are from the government and have come to sanitize your house. REMEMBER NOT TO OPEN YOUR DOORS as they are burglars who only aim to loot your house.

Also, when you are outdoors, REFRAIN FROM ACCEPTING FREE MASKS FROM STRANGERS as they might have chloroform applied to swoon you and rob you of your belongings.

So, stay alert and don’t fall prey to the malicious acts of these crooks and hackers.

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