Stay At This Cottage In The Middle Of Dense Forest At 4200 Feet.

It seems like the year is wearing us out already. The first long weekend of the year is just a week away and we all are looking for a getaway. How about running away from city life and staying at this cottage surrounded by dense forests at 4200m! Tanhau was born out of a desire to find peace away from the concrete jungles that our cities are. It is a haven to enjoy nature & wildlife away from other tourists, in a manner that infringes the least on the surroundings.

Tanhau is not just as a place or property, but really more as a way of life – simple, peaceful & in harmony with nature. To reach Tanhau, the last four kilometres are along a jungle dirt track, of which the last kilometre was not even motorable till a couple of years ago. Located on top of a hill at an altitude of around 4,000 feet, Tanhau overlooks the reserve forests of Corbett Tiger Reserve & the winding Kosi river, & has arguably the most spectacular views in the Corbett area.

Bedroom interior
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Now, who wouldn’t love to stay there for a much needed digital detox? But mind you, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re looking for a luxurious cottage that will house a pool and where you can play loud music, then this might not be the place for you. Since they try to minimize the disturbance to the wildlife, they have some house rules that may not work for everyone.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a chance to experience nature & wildlife in a way few others can, then look no further. They are blessed to enjoy a huge variety of bird & animal life, some of them otherwise unrecorded in the Corbett area, and enjoy sharing experiences with interested people.

Resident leopard 'Bheem' comes by Tanhau rather frequently, though usually at night
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Tanhau is a destination like no other in the Corbett area. You could take a thrilling walk through prime tiger habitat during the day, enjoy sundowners while listening to sambar deer alarm calls from the thick forest below, dine al fresco while counting shooting stars in the night sky; or you could choose instead to simply enjoy the peace & spectacular view with a book & wholesome soul food instead. This is your ultimate vacation destination.

Where | Corbett Tiger Reserve, Bhatoli village

Location | Click Here

Distance From Delhi | 260 KMs

Time Taken To Travel  | 6 Hours

Booking | Click Here

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