Liquor In Delhi To Now Sell With An Added 70% ‘Corona Fee’

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After allowing the functioning of liquor shops in the capital city, Delhi saw huge queues in front of these shops. An extra 70% will be levied on alcohol the next time you visit a liquor shop to enjoy a boozy quarantine.

Delhi Imposes 70% 'Special Corona Fee' On Liquor

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Known as the ‘Special Corona Fee’, The Delhi Excise Act was amended to include this. A proposal to this effect was prepared by the Finance Department. About 150 government-run liquor shops have been allowed to open from 9 AM to 6:30 PM.

Special corona fee': Delhi govt to charge 70% tax on liquor from ...

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No social distancing was maintained by customers at these shops. A hike in prices might put a curb to overcrowding at liquor shops.

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