NDMC To Ban Rooftop Meals In Connaught Place After C-Block’s Rooftop Collapsed!

Connaught Place

NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Corporation) has taken the step to ban rooftop meals in Connaught Place. The major disaster earlier last week led to NDMC carrying out structural inspections of the market’s heritage buildings.

30 Second Window:

  • NDMC has decided to ban 21 restaurants from using the rooftop area in Connaught Place!
  • Some of the affected restaurants in last week’s mishap include – Warehouse Cafe, The Vault Cafe, My Bar HQ, Kinbuck-2, Kitchen Bar, Lord of the Drinks & Open House Cafe.
  • Senior officials from NDMC claimed that these restaurants were issued a notice long backThe cafes have been asked to manage their rooftops areas better as they violate official norms.

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DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you stay safe, and keep your calm! The storm has only just passed, give it some time, things will settle down soon!

So, in the meanwhile, get your parties started at the various other outlets of these cafes or the new ones opening up in & around Connaught Place!

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