This Group In Delhi Helps Homeless Women Start Life Afresh

Collective of Homeless Women

Started by Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses, the Collective of Homeless Women is an NGO. It helps homeless women lead a life of dignity by offering them a home in a shelter home. In fact, the organisation also helps these homeless women by imparting skill based training so they can earn a livelihood.

Collective of Homeless Women and Its Aim:

The aim of Collective of Homeless Women is to create a network of homeless women. The end result of creating this network is to allow these women to help each other and other homeless women. Moreover, while they started with just 10 women, now they’ve got several such women in their network.

Many of these women go out and approach the women living on streets.

Rani, 21, has lived her life in a shelter home at Nizamuddin. She is also one of the 10 members of the group and has rescued many women in the past six months. She brought a 35-year-old lady and her children to the women’s shelter home at Nizamuddin last month from Barakhamba Road.

“It was not easy to convince her to come with me. People don’t trust you, as they fear that they might get into some trouble. We have to first win their trust,” said Rani.

In fact, Rani today is being trained to making sanitary napkins. Currently, the organisation is training 50 women in housekeeping, parlour work, making sanitary napkins etc.

Moreover, the organisation also helps these women in getting their voter ID, Aadhaar card and more.

You can read more about this organisation and its work here.

Cover Image Courtesy | Stuart Freedman

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