Get Ready To Savour And Experience Diverse Authentic Coastal Flavours From Across India At Diya

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The Indian coastline is approximately 7500 km long, covering 9 major states abundant with seafood, culinary diversity and cooking techniques. At Diya, The Leela Ambience Gurugram, celebrate the diversity under one roof with authentic coastal cuisines such as Malvan from Maharashtra, Malabar of Kerala, Konkan from Goa and Karnataka state, Chettinad influence from Tamil Nadu and the eastern coast offering Oriya and Bengali cuisine.

What To Expect?

Prepared by the expert hands of chefs at Diya, The Leela Ambience Gurugram, dive into a flavourful journey of the coastal states of India. Spanning from Maharashtra and going all the way up to Bengal, savour tantalizing recipes all under one roof. The Sea-food market concept at Diya will enrich your experience as you can choose the freshest of sea-food you would like to have, which will be weighed and priced accordingly to your choice, before being prepared with your desired choice of marination.

What You’ll Love?

A few of the signature hand-picked recipes from coastal cuisine that are featured in the menu:

  • Mati handi Mangsha: Traditionally prepared in an earthen pot, where meat and spices are cooked together on a slow heat of burning charcoal. The process gives a unique smoke flavour. A specialty from Orissa is prepared and served in the same earthen pot.
  • Phulkopir Paturi: “Paturi” is a style of preparation, where the food is marinated with fresh ground mustard and wrapped in banana leaf before being steamed, a specialty from Bengal
  • Elaneer Payasam: Made only from malai of green coconut, it’s a tender coconut pudding which is popular both in Kerala as well as Tamil Nadu.

Bottom Line

Experience a flavourful coastal culinary journey right in the city with some scrumptious delights like never before.

When | 4th – 20th October

Where | Diya, The Leela Ambience Gurguram

Location | Here

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