Handmade Earrings are The New Trend & Clay Edit By Shivani is Totally Worth a Check Out!

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Earrings are one of those accessories that elevate you, no matter what the outfit is. And statement earrings are the town favourite now – everyone’s looking for cooler, funkier, quirkier designs that are more than a piece of jewellery. Well, Clay Edit By Shivani Airen is definitely a must have for your closet then!

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What To Expect?

Clay Edit is a project whose one look shall make you known of the fact that this has a personal touch. Shivani Airen, the founder, creator and sole administrator of this project brings her love for art and craft out and how! Operating on digital media, Clay Edit has a ton of designs to choose from and the designs are so good, they are almost always sold out. Just a testament to her quality!

clay edit earring - handmade earring

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What You’ll Love?

Her designs are pretty amazing. if you have been looking for that one earring that completes your look, look here. If you want you jewellery to be a conversation starter, this is it. Plus, clay earrings are one of a kind even in itself – how will it not make you stand out? You will literally be wearing art.

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Bottom Line

Check them out here and begin your jewellery shopping!

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