#CITYSECRETS: There’s A Hidden Fabric Museum At This Metro Station!

Where | INA Metro Station

Has it ever occurred to you to check out the detailing done on a metro station’s walls? Well, moving around the metro stations, we found that INA’s metro walls is also home to a beautiful collection of weaved clothes. And not just the kind that you find in stores.


INA metro station’s walls are adorned with woven clothes from various states in India. In fact, you can find Viman Sari from Odisha, Patola Weave from Gujarat & Chikan Embroidery from UP.

What’s The Deal?

Basically, the entire setup has been done to promote cultural differences in India. While also promoting the kind of clothes that are worn, designed & embroidered by the respective state’s weavers.

So, the next time you’re in or around INA, do check out this veritable museum!

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