Choose From Over 30 Toppings To Customize Your Pizza At This Pizzeria

Are you a pizza maniac? We all are! Whether you like it thin crust, deep dish, stuffed crust,  it is a guilty treat loved by all. Who needs a reason to binge on our favorite guilty pleasure? Baked Pizza and Co. is here to savour your taste buds with their exquisite menu.


What To Expect?

8 exotic pizza options to choose from. Dive into their Spinach & Cottage Cheese Cannelloni that will take you on a gastronomical ride! Their Baked Mozzarella Sticks with Jalapenos and Corn are to die for. Totally Instagrammable when you pull off the cheesy strings. If you’re a Matcha lover like us, you’ll love their superliciously tasty Matcha Vanilla Milkshake.

What You’ll Love?

How about making your own pizza? First, you choose the size of the base- 9″ or 12″. They have 2 crust options to choose from- The Original Thin Crust and Hearty Whole Wheat. Are you the Classic Red Sauce person or will you choose the Spicy Red Sauce? The last leg of the process- choose from over 30 toppings and customize your pizza! Watch your pizza go into a stone oven and receive a freshly baked pizza in 300 seconds giving them a pizza experience like never before!  Subway-feels much?


Bottom Line

Go for their quirky ambience and an awesome pizza-licious experience. Enjoy their peppy English playlist amidst the quirky ambience while you sip their Baked Signature Coffee to warm yourself for the forthcoming everyday hustle.

Where | Baked Pizza & Co., M Block Market, Greater Kailash 1

Price for Two | ₹600

Location | Here

Picture Courtesy | Sangita Rajan


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