Do You Like To Have Chilly Paneer? Then Try This Innovative And Scrumptious Chilly Paneer Satay Here!

lly Paneer Satay DforDelhi

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One thing that almost everyone is a fan of, especially vegetarian people is paneer. And so all the dishes and appetizers made from these white cubes are liked more and more by everyone. In simple words it is the queen of vegetarian food. We all have relished the taste of chilly paneer since childhood. But this pure vegetarian bakery in Delhi gets you with this distinct chilly paneer based snack that has a wonderful taste. Give it a try super soon.


Chilly Paneer Satay DforDelhi

What To Expect?

Have delicious Chilly Paneer Satay and more tasteful appetizers and bakery stuff at this bakery. We promise that you would like the taste of each and every thing this place offers you with. When looking for a good-classy joint to fill your tummy during evening you could go at this bakery named Ever Bake.

What You’ll Love?

You will surely love the exclusive best-seller of this bakery, that is, Chilly Paneer Satay as you know now. It is in all a similar yet different experience to have to. Another must try include the awesome cakes, spiral roll, white sauce pasta this place has for you. Everything, yes everything this bakery offers tastes simply amazing. This could be a perfect place to take your kids along on Sunday evenings.

Chilly Paneer Satay DforDelhi

Bottom Line

Imagine how amazing it feels to have delectable slices of paneer all covered in rich and thick sauces along with crispy colourful seasoned vegetables. And having them all tucked up together in sticks all covered with another crispy layer of herbs, spices and more makes it even more scrumptious to have. Well this is what a Chilly Paneer Satay feels like.

Where | BN-2 Shalimar Bagh West Local Shopping Centre, New Delhi, Delhi 110088

Location | Here

Price For Two | ₹350

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