Chicken Nuggets But Without Chicken? Sounds Eh But Trust Us, it Tastes Incredible!

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Let alone Chicken Nuggets, When meat lovers hear about meat replacements in India – it just sounds fake, unappealingĀ  and simply weird – we know! For all you Chicken Lovers especially, it is hard but Blue Tribe Foods is here to change the conversation – we bet you’ll never think that way again.

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What To Expect?

Currently offering only a single item on their websites, The Chicken Nuggets, Blue Tribe takes a big risk however, they do that one thing so well that it seems worth the effort. Their Chicken Nuggets made with Peas and Soya has been a bestseller and rightly so. The brand is also coming up with a new item, Chicken Keema – and we cannot keep calm!

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What You’ll Love?

The mere fact that the composition of their ‘Chicken’ Nugget is peas and soya doesn’t change the fact that it surprisingly won’t make you miss the ones made with actual meat – it is simply delicious and keeps you wanting more. Fry it and eat as is or experiment with it, it is just like chicken nuggets, Additonally, we at DforDelhi do not lie especially when it comes to food!

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Bottom Line

It’s time to get healthier and eco-friendlier – and it is easy! Try Them Now!

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